Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Napa pictorial

Hi all,
Welcome back to me.
Thank you for missing me.

Okay here is the deal. I have thought of blogging about pre dental John Gammichia. I want to start a series on what was going through my mind when it comes to wanting to be a dentist. Most of it is going to be funny and stories we all can relate to. Today though I have wicked jet lag and I a just finishing a long day.
But I want to tell you about Napa and I will be doing this in a series of pictures. But first I have watched a ton of movies.
I will tell you which ones I watch and then talk about them later. Apploosa,
Quantam of Solace
Slum Dog Millionaire
The Visitor
Pride and Glory
Burn after Reading (sucked, totally sucked)
Lakeville Terrace
and one more that I just can't remember.

I picked up a John Grisham book in the airport The Appeal.
I am almost done. It is okay. I have found that his books have gone down hill since he started writing a book every six months.

Arrived in San Francisco
First two nights at a bed and breakfast in Sonoma County. A town called Healdsburg.
It was my first time staying at a B & B. It was real nice.
Then it was off to the Wineries.

For dinner we ate at a fancy shmancy French restaurant.
Homey don't play that. Are you serious?

Second day we went to see the Redwoods and drive on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Then back to the wineries. You don't get any better than this.
I took about 500 pictures, none of them capturing the beauty of this place.

They say that the wine on the mountain taste different than on the Valley floor.

Caught a Giants game at AT&T park.

It was so beautiful.

(look at that fat gut...I officially start my diet today)
We finished our vacation in Marin county. (We have some friends planting a church out there and we spent the last day and a half with them)
We did some shopping for the kids and enjoyed the view of the $4,000,000 homes.

Talk to you on Friday,
ps Don't forget to double click on the images and they will be easier to see.

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