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Hi all,

First of all Paraject.
I wrote to REALITY and asked what the expert knows about the Paraject system and if they heard of anything wrong with it.
I got about 5 responses from people that DIDN'T know what it is.
But I did finally get an answer from someone that knew what it was and here is her answer...

From Editorial Team member Dr. Lori Trost:

This is ALL about technique and anatomy. I use 1/2 carp of Septo on my blocks on at least 80% of my patients with NO ill effect. Having said "something" happen. But the bottom line is: less is better, aspirate, and know your anatomy. I also use paraject on occasion on vital teeth and have had good experience.

So I kind of challenged her with the blocking with Septocaine and wrote her back saying, "If all the other people on the "Editorial team" say not to do do you feel about being on this proverbial island?"
I haven't received a response yet.
So I don't know what to think.
So far I have received two comments that say not to use the interligamental injections.
I don't know, it is really working for me and I am really loving it.

I am going to say one negative thing about REALITY (because you know how much I like it). Last year they didn't have a publication. They only have the website.
I went to "The Ratings" section to see what they think the best cordless headlight is.
I know there are a ton of these on the market. But in this section they had only rated ONE.
What the heck is going on? One!!?
How can I make an informed decision about any product with just one review to read?
So I write them and ask them what the heck is going on. And they reply, "we have two more coming down the pike."
Seems kind of weak to me. I know they have to be careful because they can ruin someone with one article, but...

Okay lets talk about Wednesday's ghost writers article.
His first soapbox is..
When we talk of Dentistry, what comes to mind?....Have you heard that a “Root Canal” is the worse that can happen to you? Do you remember “Marathon Man” or “Little Shop of Horrors”? You all know what I am talking about. What has happened is that over the years, “Dentistry, the Health Profession” has gotten lost in translation.

I think about this often. How can we make our profession more respected?
How can we get a better rap.
I don't know.
Here are the cold hard facts.
We treat hundreds of people a week and they all have great experiences (okay most of them). They all love us.
But here comes that guy walking through your door. You know the person, the one that hasn't been to the dentist in 12 years and they are hurting. Their face is swollen.
"My tooth is freaking killing me can you help me? And by the way, I hate the dentist. Oh and I don't have any money."
"Yes, we will help you. Come on in and have a seat."
"Did I tell you how much I hate going to the dentist? It is not you, I don't hate you, I just hate going to the dentist."
"No offense taken, but why don't you come in here and let me take a look?"
"Dude, I am in so much pain I can't even open my mouth that much."
"Well lets try to get an xray."
I know you have seen this guy. How do you think the rest of this appointment is going to go?
This patient is jumpy. This patient is irritable because he hasn't slept for days.
The shot hurts because, of course, nothing is going to go right with this patient.
You open the tooth and lets just say it is real sensitive to the touch. You are doing your best to be gentle but it is what it is.

You guys finish up doing a pulpectomy trying your darndest to save this mans tooth. You are trying to impress him and change his mind about dentists.
But basically the appointment goes about the way HE expected.
He gives you a rubber check and leaves. You are exhausted and he is pissed.

Now Jack (we will call him Jack) the hurt patient goes home is miserable.
He is now on the phone telling his boss that he can't come in to work tomorrow because of this quack dentist hurt him and his tooth is killing him.
Now the boss tell all his coworkers that Jack is not coming in today because he went to this quack dentist and had a root canal. All the workers say a collective, "Ahhh. Dude that sucks."
Remember the hundreds of patients that you saw this week. Yeah, not one of those patients who love you have told anyone about you or the awesome work you did.
I mean I did 5 root canals this week. How many of them do you think went home and told everyone about the great root canal they had done. NO ONE.

So that was a long way to say we are fighting a long hard uphill battle to change the way people think about us.
You do the best you can. You just try to touch as many people as you can in a positive way. Being as gentle as you can. What else can we do?
It is so telling when someone finishes a root canal in my chair and says, "That wasn't bad at all."
They were expenting what the media portrays and what Jack told her.
Or if this doesn't work we can always go to dancing toothbrushes and flying floss.

The ghostwriter talks about how pitiful it is when the government tries to get involved.
The mom who gives her kids candy at the checkout line to keep them quiet does not get blamed when the child misses school with a tooth ache, you do. The ABC special on Appalachia featured a dentist who was providing free care for the kids in an area. He was blaming the high use of soft drinks the kids love as a big part of the problem. Oral Health literacy is everyone’s business, the government, the educational system, the health department, along with dentistry.
You can't blame the soft drink company for tooth decay. You can't blame the cigarette company for lung disease. Or McDonald's for obesity. Personal responsibility people.
Now if this sounds too Republican I am sorry but...
People know soft drinks are bad for their teeth as much as they know cigarettes are bad for their lungs.
Although I think more hitting people over the head with this is never a bad thing. Keep reminding them.
How about we save money by telling people that if they smoke the government will not pay for healthcare for anything related to lung disease.
I bet you can save a pretty penny.

Then the ghostwriter starts talking about Dental Care Providers. Well I don't have enough time to discuss all the poop that goes along with this topic. Maybe later.

Thats it for the week.
Have a great weekend.
I am going to watch the University of Florida play the Kentucky Wildcats in basketball.
Our basketball team has been tough to watch this year. We have been so close but really we just stink. We have dropped so far from glory. "Just wait until next year."

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