Tuesday, January 6, 2009


14 hours. I leave to go to the National Championship game in 14 hours.
Over the break I sold my $350 tickets to one of my patients and I ended up getting better tickets for $175. So more beer money for me.
I am so excited. Hey if you are watching the game, look for me. I will be in the orange and blue and I will be wearing a hat with a "F" on it.
I have not shaved since the game our South Carolina game. I have been trimming but I have not shaved off all of my facial hair. But after Christmas I have not even trimmed. I feel like I don't want to change any of the MO JO. I look like a dang gorilla and I have to explain to all my patients why I look like a lumber jack.
All the men patients say, "Cool" I totally understand.
The women would look at me like I was an idiot. (Which I am but...)
Did I tell you how excited I was.

Okay so we got a Wii.

I have one word for you ROCKBAND.

Before I get into all this I want to talk about how reflective I was over Christmas.
Even my nine year old said out loud, "it is so hard to not love your stuff more than God."
Isn't this crazy? Nine years old.
We were able to have a great discussion with him.
I told him that it becomes a life long struggle.
It doesn't end with toy guns and video games. It is the same with adults just with bigger things. Cars, houses, TV's, clothes, gardens, dental practices...etc.

I did get a chance to go to the Capital One Bowl with my boys. I went to a game with Georgia going against Michigan St. I hate Georgia because...well because it is Georgia (and because of the dancing in the end zone thing last year) and I hate Michigan St. because they beat the Gators in 2000 National Championship game in basketball (man do I hold a grudge or what).
I just went to the game because I was given tickets and I had nothing to do.
But, I was just moved by the grandeur of the whole thing. I was moved by how great it was to be able to root for your team in this huge stadium. We get to put on our colors and drink a bunch of beer (or soda...depending on what camp you come from) and scream and yell when they come running out of the tunnel.
I was thinking this is so great. Sports is so great. This country is so great. As four F-14 flew over the stadium. You know the feeling when you sing the national anthem. You get the chills and how I get to the point where I can't sing anymore because I am getting choked up.
Blessed. Man, are we blessed.

Okay, Rockband.
We got this game a couple days after Christmas.
This game is so awesome. Rockband is like Guitar Hero but with the drums and a microphone. So three people can play at the same time. Actually four can play because you can also add a bass guitar to it.
This is like hours of fun. Fun for the whole family.
Only thing is the songs are not very kid friendly. I mean they are singing about things that they don't understand but the lyrics can get somewhat suggestive.
On New Years Eve it was all about Rockband.
Turns out just about everyone at our house had played this game before. The Gammichia's were the only one that hasn't ever played.
I have one friend that has it at work and can play EVERY song on expert level on the guitar.
It was so fun to watch.
Girls, guys, young and old we all played.
We shot off some fireworks then everyone went back inside to play the game.

I almost forgot. I got a 40' LCD TV for Christmas. The reason this is so awesome is that I have not yet got into the plasma generation. This TV will replace my 27' tube TV that I got in 1993.
You all know how much TV I watch and how many movies I watch. Yep they were all on this old TV.
Over the break, we put it in and I had the satellite guys come out and give me all the HD channels.
I will tell you about it later.

I have to cut this one short because I have had a week that has been so crazy.
Here it is 5:30 on Wednesday and I haven't written up a single chart.

Did I tell you I leave for the National Championship game in 13 hours and 30 minutes.
Go Gators

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patti said...

Singing on rockband is every wanna be rock stars fantasy come true... i love it!


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