Sunday, August 3, 2008


Today you are in for a treat.

I am on vacation this week. We came to the beach at St. Augustine. We feel every time we leave our house it is like moving our chaos elsewhere. We feel we have the most control at our house. So if we have to surrender it is not that hard to just come home.
We go to the beach but inevitably we just make it back to the pool. I mean we have a big pool at our house. Why do I need to pay $200 bucks a night to cram into a hotel room and swim in their pool.
But anyway, the place is pretty nice. We went out last night and got the lay of the land. It is very nice. We walked around and had dinner. It was quaint and the prices were fair (not like Long Boat Key). The shopping district is perfect and I am sure we are going to "conquer" this area.

I am loving To Kill a Mockingbird.

I have this awesome story from this weekend but it is going to have to wait.
Today I wanted to inspire you.

This video broke about 4 years ago. It is about Dick and Rick Hoyt, a man and his son (who has cerebral palsy).
His son claimed that his disability went away when they ran together.
So they took up running together. This story makes me weep every time I watch it. His training culminates with them participating in an IRONMAN.
I watched a bunch of these videos trying to find the best one and one video it shows some of his early marathon with Rick. On the clock as the two of them was 2:57:00. I am assuming this was a marathon. This was only about 1 and a half hours before me. By the way dad Hoyt is in his SIXTIES!!!!!

If that was not enough, go to you tube and press in Dick and Rich Hoyt or go to the Hoyt Team website.

By the way Team Hoyt are now motivational speakers and I think they would love to speak at the AGD annual meeting.

Also watching this video makes my 17 mile run this week look pretty puny.

I will talk to you on Wednesday.


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patti said...

To Kill a Mockingbird = the best classic work of fiction. Get the movie when you are done. You wont be sorry.


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