Monday, June 23, 2008

Lecturer numero dos

Finally finished the book. Not good.
I moved on to the next book The Lone Soldier. It is about a group of Navy SEALs that go into Afghanistan at the height of the war, (shortly after 9/11) and they get into a world of poop. The author is the only guy that comes out of it alive. And this is his story.

I watched two movies this weekend...
Bella it was OK, I give it a 7.
and I saw
Pan's Labyrinth, not good. This was a Spanish film (with subtitles). I give it a 4.

I talked to you Friday about a lecturer I saw at the FNDC. The lecture was called Smile Makeovers. I talked about how this guy was a Tier IV dentist all the way.

Now the other lecture I went to was called How to Get Your Patients to Accept Comprehensive Treatment. By Nate Booth
This lecture was PACKED. They ran out of handouts. When I lecture they say lets make 100 handouts and there are still 75 laying on the table when I am done. This guy make 50 for an audience of 300.
Anyway this guy was a dentist for 10 years, but stopped practicing dentistry about 15 earlier. He then went back to school to get his Masters in counseling. Then he worked with Tim Robbins for a bunch of years. Now he is doing his own stuff.
Now this guy is not the total opposite of the last guy but a lot different.

I think Friday's guy is not a lets have a relationship kind of guy. He is an " am the best dentist for miles around and if you need the best and want to pay for the best, here I am" kind of guy.
Which is okay.
Today's guy is Ritz-Carlton, five star service kind of guy.
Build a relationship.
Treat someone that is coming to your office like they were coming to your home.
When they come in move from around the counter and go to greet them in the reception area.
Stuff like how to talk on the phone when someone calls. He talked about internal marketing and external marketing.
He gave us this example of this dentist in Oregon who works 4 days a week and grosses 2 million dollars a year.
He talked about how he uses Billboards and radio shows and people just flock into his office.
He is a father of 3 and a great family man.
You guys know how I feel about us comparing ourselves to other people.
He didn't talk about how great of a dentists he is. Or what all his problems are...but if you take a snapshot of the books it all looks rosy.
And we left feeling like pieces of crap. Thanks Dr. Evil.

Dr. Booth is kind of rah-rah kind of guy.
He made us stand up and turn to our neighbor and put our arm up boy scout style and swear to be their energy partner.
I hate this kind of crap. I came to see a lecture about how I can treat my patients better and I am now Rachael's energy partner.
Now once you got past the fact that he just embarrassed you, he had some pretty good things to say.
I think that him and I agree in that it is not about selling dentistry. It is about educating them about their problem and telling them you can help them with their problem.
This is a bit salesman-ish but he talks about saying, "now is their anything that will get in the way of you getting optimum treatment.
"Yeah, the $12,000 bill might get in the way".
But you know what he is saying. Make CareCredit available and make it easier to pay.
I get that.
Now for me (and yes it is always about me) it is okay if they don't do it. I can sleep at night because I think I did the best I can do. I have been thorough, I have educated, I began a relationship. What else can I do?
Now lets say I was not doing what Dr. Booth was saying before this lecture. This is something I can go back to the office on Monday and start to implement.
Friday's guy I could not do this.
I would have to shut down and study at an institute for a couple of months.

This is what I am going to do.
I will keep Friday's lecture in back of my mind. But I will work on Dr.Booth's lecture today.

Thats what I have got.
Anyone got any opinions?

By the by, I will not take offense to you not writing me back or giving me you suggestions about the AGD meeting.
I will not let this bother me. I will not hold this against you.
I know this is a love-kinda like relationship. I love you all and you kinda like me.
I am going to get all Stuart Smalley on you.

Just messing with you, but if my title sucks I blame all of you,
See you Wednesday,

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