Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back to Dentistry

Okay back to dentistry.
Great for some and not so great for you non dental types.

I watched Juno this weekend. Being pregnant my wife was crying and I was like, "this movie is stupid."
I did not like it. I thought Juno was a smart ass and she lost her credibility when she was trying to be endearing.
I like that it had some redemption but for the most part I didn't like it.

I finished The Shack. It is a book that is fiction but give the gospel story. This is why it is going around Christian circles.
People love it.
It was just another way of telling people about God and His character. There was this dude that was sad. God wrote him a note to meet Him at the Shack. Where it gets crazy is God is this big black woman. Jesus is also at the shack and so is the Holy Spirit (all different "people").
I obviously love the message, but I was fairly neutral about the book. I didn't think it was particularly well written.
I thought it could be better.

If you have a movie or book that you love let me know because I am running low on my Queue at Netflix and I don't have any good books in the pike to read.
I am reading a book right now but I don't know the name of it. I will let you know on Friday.

Top 10
Okay here is some more.
I went back and have only done 9 so far.
Here are some of my other products that are my "must haves".

SE Bond.
Okay, lets not have a 4th generation vs 6th generation argument.
I have been around the block (not that way....okay maybe that way too) a few times with bonding materials.
I have went to about 50 hrs of adhesive dentistry C.E. and everyone has their opinions.
But more than any other product, this one is the one most compared to.
It gets all good grades from CRA and REALITY so it is good with me.
I left SE Bond for awhile and went back to 4th generation stuff (in one of my many quests for perfection and not finding it) but...I went back.
Easy to use.
It is a solid product.

Oh, my gosh this stuff is awesome.
People tell me it is expensive. You know I am the kind of guy that doesn't care how much things cost. I need it, I don't care how much it is. I tell my people I don't tell me because I don't want to know.
Its like my kids tuition. I don't want to know. I know it is expensive but I really don't know how expensive. I want them to have it. If I knew the cost I might reconsider or resent someone.
But expasyl is always in my room. I don't care if I am doing a crown or a facial filling. If I need something to stop bleeding...expasyl. I have tried all the hemostatic agents and none of them work near as good as this product.
The worst is when you are doing a build-up and have it isolated. You think the hemostasis is good. You put some etch on the tooth and you touch the gums with the etch for a second and here comes Mount St. Helen's.
This is where mild mannered Dr. Gammichia turns into cussing, ticked off, throwing stuff Dr. Gammichia.
So instead of throwing stuff I use expysal

The phone.

I know you think I am a nut case but the phone is HUGE.
If you can learn how to use it and teach your people how to use the phone it is money in the bank.
Am I a master at it? NO
But you know what? I have been using a phone for a long time. I know how it feels to be on the other end of a bad phone call.
I also know how it feels to be treated great on the phone.
So this is how I want people to feel (the better one) when they call Dr. Gammichia and sons dental practice.
Once we have learned the art of being nice on the phone then we work the phone.
"How much do you charge for a cleaning or a crown?"
Anyone get this call?
Well, this is a huge opportunity. They already know they need a crown.
Charm them. Educate them, right then and there the differences between crowns and dental offices.
I use the phone at home too. I can get my office computer at home. So I find out what I did that day (because I can't remember stuff like that) and I call my patients. I don't call everyone but I call everyone that got a shot that day. Fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions.
And let me tell you, this is the BEST thing that you can do to shock the crap out of people.
One thing before you start calling people.
I think I lost a male patient because I think he thought I was hitting on him.
Two woman also thought I was putting the moves on them. One husband made his wife leave the practice. One patient brought me into a room and asked me if I was interested in her.
I am not lying. I can't make this stuff up.

Two more.
A pen.

What?!! Did he say a pen.
Every new patient gets a hand written letter by yours truly.

I want them to feel special. I want them to think that I am special. I want them to know that they are not a number to me.
I want them to know that I know there is a dentist on every street corner and I am glad they are giving me a chance. I want them to know that I care what they think and if they need anything they can call me personally anytime.

Every kid that I see for the first time get a card written by me.
In the card I say something like, "WOW, you are a great patient." Something to this nature.
We put some stickers in the envelope and makes the kids day.
Is this a pain in the butt? Sometimes. I get behind on my letters and it takes me a half an hour to catch up is worth it.

Last one (for now)
The syringe.

What is the biggest fear of EVERYONE that walks in your door?
"Do you have to give me a shot?"
"How many shots do I have to have today? "
So what do you do?
You perfect your technique in the shooting area.
Am I the best at it? NO
But I recognize the benefit to getting better at it.
Anyone used this Profound stuff yet. This is super topical.
It will get people almost tooth numb before you give them a shot.
It is made from a special pharmacy in Seattle or someplace.
Look it up online. It is expensive as crap (see what I mean) but it is awesome. Kids do not feel the shot.
Anterior infiltration... this stuff really helps.
Palatal...even if it helps a little.
You know what I am saying.
I take at least a minute to two minutes to give all my injections. Slow baby (Barry White voice).
Just a few of my favorite things.
I hope you like the list.
I am sorry I broke it up with the story but it was fresh in my mind.
If you like anything that I might of missed, please tell me.
I am interested in anything you've got for me.
Anyone use the ISOLITE?
I will talk to you Friday.
Ghost writer on Friday,
I will miss you,


Anonymous said...

How about an "ear" and a "memory" so that when a friend says that he wants you to save Juno before sending it back on Netflix you actually listen and remember. That's an invaluable consultation and case acceptance tool.

Anonymous said...

Even after 10 years, I miss your practice. How surprised and impressed I was to see you blog! I just went to s dentist today who was the female version of THE DENTIST. Ever seen that movie? Where he goes crazy and starts giving people homicidal dental treatment. Well, I was treated HORRIBLY today. And it made me think of how wonderful you guys treated me and my daughter. And I am SERIOUSLY thinking of packing everyone up and driving down from Atlanta to let you do all this work that needs to be done! And, I remember the card and stickers for my daughter after she saw you!
I am going to cry. Please move your practice to Atlanta. Can you work me in for all of my work in about a month? I am serious. Florida here I come. Ah, I'll never forget we joked about you cutting my tongue out.... WAAAAH!!!!!!!!

Lisa Dolce


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