Friday, April 25, 2008

Myrtle Beach Bound

Oh, my gosh. It is Miller Time.

Man, I am stressed out.
I am leaving to Myrtle Beach in about an hour. If you are a new reader I am going to speak at the South Carolina Dental Association Annual Meeting. Trust me it is not all that glamorous. It is cool but just hard work. I mean I am a perfectionist and this is just another thing I have to micromanage.

I left work early to go to my kids school for "Young Author's Day".
Man that stuff is fun. My daughter is so bright (we know that, but being the second child, she is a trooper). And I am not just saying that because she is my daughter.
But we worry more about the boy, because...he is a boy.
But, most of the time he surprises me and really takes a lot of pride in his work.
He dedicated his book to ME.
Man was I proud of both of them.

We get into South Carolina at about 10:30 and I speak in the morning at 9am. NO PRESSURE.
In my lecture I use interactive software that all the attendees get a remote control and when the time comes I will put up a multiple choice question and everyone can answer by pressing the appropriate button on the remotes.
I borrow this stuff from Captek, who's main office is in Orlando.
They shipped all the remotes and the sensors to S.C. and they arrived today. In the morning I will have to go to the lecture room and put a sensor up high so it will can read every ones answers. This is a cool little toy that goes over big with the audience.

I have been going over my lecture every free minute of every day for about 4 weeks. Every free minute, well that is about 9 minutes at about 11pm.
Lately, I haven't been able to sleep.
I have been waking up at the butt crack of dawn (4am) for the last couple of days because I am so nervous. I wake up saying to myself, "I don't want to forget to say this...I can't forget to show this."
Yesterday I started to get angina (I am serious about this) I took my own blood pressure at the office yesterday.
But the read out said something like "139 over 75... but dude if you don't settle down you are going to have a fricking heart attack by the time you are 50." (I thought this was odd coming from a blood pressure monitor).
Not to worry you but my dad had TWO heart attacks before he was 54 years old.

In my lecture I am going to have a contest (I thought of this on Wednesday) but I needed a prize. So I called the SC Patterson head person and asked him to give a $100 gift certificate to Patterson (it was more like 12 phone calls). He said, "no problem, but do you know your lecture is in 2 days. Nothing like last minute. (he didn't say this but I felt like it).
So I got all this running through my head.
OH, and I still have a practice to run.
Did I tell you my dad is on vacation in Mexico this week? So I am pulling double duty at work.

Are your coronary arteries clogging while you are reading this? Mine are.

My sister is taking care of the kids. She is 26 years old. She thought it going to be like babysitting for the night. She thought she would just show up on Friday and say...Ok, where are my favorite nieces and nephews?
But after the couple hours of instructions her head was spinning. "Okay, lets go over this again. Luke has a game at 6pm. Make sure he brings his glove and hat. When you are watching the game remember to bring some money because Madison likes to snack. But make sure you watch Noah because he will like to play on the playground. But he can't go with any big kids because..... WHAT?!!!
Good luck Jenny.
But also we have a pool and we don't like even joking about the pool. Here in Florida it has been in the mid to upper 80's and we have been swimming for the last month. But it is always supervised.
I don't even want to think about it.

Okay I HAVE to go. My wife needs the computer to print out our tickets.
Wish me luck.
Did I say, "it is Miller Time"?
I meant it.

Talk to you Monday,
If I am in a bad mood you know it didn't go so well,

Have a great weekend.

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