Friday, May 24, 2013

The Least We Can Do

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, let us pause for a moment and explore the reason for the commemoration. The long weekend will be nice, with no work for most of us on Monday. There will be barbecues, picnics and trips to the beach. But that is not what this time is all about.

Throughout the course of time, thousands of brave men and women have put their lives on the line for the greatest country in the world. Many have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we may all enjoy the freedoms of being American. Their service should never be forgotten. They are true heroes, in every sense of the word.

While I may have never served in the military, I am proud to be a part of the USA. I am proud of those who served, and those that continue to do so today. I may never be able to repay them, but I can always pay homage to them. Fly the flag, say a prayer, thank a soldier. It’s the least we can do.

Jason Petkevis, DMD

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