Monday, September 7, 2009

The voices in my head

Start the clock now cuz I'm betting by October somebody at AGD headquarters is going to have to explain how I was allowed to post on a public AGD forum with little censoring. That's right boys and girls of the The Daily Grind blog you will, apparently, be subjected to the ramblings in my mind every Monday (at least for a week).

As we enter this journey I figure you should know what voices you will be hearing from (and yes I know the proper "east coast" grammar is 'voices from whom you will be hearing' but I'm not from the east coast, here in the midwest we end our sentences with prepositions). This isn't some demon possessed Exorcist. Instead, it is the collection of voices of my parents, wife, kids, id, ego, manic, depressive, dentist, lawyer, lover, fighter, Seinfeld watching, Bible-thumping midwestern dental practicing ragmuffin just-a-trudging along in this world. If you can't take a joke, don't understand sarcasm, have never been lonely or frustrated or felt inadequate or been convinced that you put the "man" in manic-depressive then my weekly rave may not be your cup of tea.

If, however, you can enjoy Tommy Boy and Pride and Prejudice, love to read books ranging from a biography of Leo Tolstoy to Old Hat/New Hat, laugh a-lot because life is fun, love helping people, care more about others than yourself and try to find the weekly reference to Seinfeld (my little Superman in each episode) - then you're in luck.

I am married to a Veterinarian who limits her practice to dentistry (oh you can bet you will hear more on this in the coming weeks), have 3 kids ages 10, 8 & 4. I started my own dental practice from scratch 9/11/2006 (no huge celebrations on that day). I am enjoying the challenge of growing a business in the Great Recession (there should really be a sarcasm font).

I do the New York Times and LA Times Crossword puzzles everyday - I tell you that not to impress you but to encourage you to also read Rex Parker's NYT blog and the LA Crossword Confidential blog (and may I also give a shout-out to Todd, Orange and Puzzlegirl who along with Rex Parker are my blog jedi-masters). I would rather be home with my family than at the office but I absolutely love my job. I love being an employer and have a great staff. I love to run (insert Run, Fatboy, Run movie reference here) and have completed the Disney Goofy Challenge (13.1 miles on Saturday and 26.2 miles on Sunday) all while continuing to gain weight - I was impressed myself.

Well, I better put the voices to bed for now. Thanks for letting me into your life a little bit, I hope it is fun for you - I figure it is saving me a couple hundred dollars a week in therapy.

Have a great day,



gatordmd said...

Bravo Ric.
Welcome aboard.
I am looking forward to hearing all your voices.

sharpiemarker said...

Greetings Dr. Ric!

I've been lurking for a while and am excited to hear them voices, too!

Oh, and can I comment on the especially grey calculus on that puppy dog? (It is tartar, right?)That's kinda impressive in a nasty grotesque way. My dog makes hers orange somehow; funny cause she has orange fur. Yeah, do tell us about your wife's neat practice, sounds like fun!

NMDDS said...

I'm adding your blog to my Monday AM to do list.
Looking forward to the voices...


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