Monday, March 3, 2008

Is your call too small?

As you all may know I go to church.
There is a Sunday school hour and then the worship service.
My church is fairly contemporary and it is a fun place to be at.

Yesterday, during the Sunday school hour, a dude got up in front of our class and talked about (the title of his presentation) Is Your Call Too Small.
He spoke about in Genesis when God spoke to Abraham (wouldn't this be nice if God spoke to us AUDIBLY. "JOHN, GO AHEAD AND BUY THAT NEW HOUSE. I APPROVE AND WILL BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY IN IT". "Honey, I am getting the vibe it is going to be okay to buy this house.") and told him to get up and go to Cannan (of course, he went to Ur instead. So yeah, you heard it right, God speaks to Abraham and tell him to do something and HE DOESN'T DO IT). But he also tells Abraham to go and I will bless you and your family and all the nations. I am paraphrasing but you get the gist.

All the nations.

We spoke of this for about an hour. So the speaker did an exercise that I can't stop thinking about.
He asked twenty five people to stand up at the front of the class room. Each person would represent approximately 250,000 million people.
So the speaker handed one guy a miniature American flag and made him stand over there.
Now this means American represent 4% of the worlds population. Think about this for a minute. 4%.
So he went on to ask us where all our thoughts are...where all of our news is focused on...where all our prayers go...where all our money goes. All to 4% of the WORLD.
So what is the biggest country, population wise in the world? You probably guessed right, China. They have approximately 1.2 billion people, five people got miniature Chinese flags.
Second most populated? Think about it. India.
I think America was third and I think Pakistan was fourth.
All of Europe got three flags and a bunch of other people in the room got a couple of flags.
This exercise obviously makes us feel pretty silly thinking about USA all the time.

So then he spoke of the worlds money.

America, 4% of the worlds population has 36% of the worlds wealth.
Between USA and Europe we have 60% of the worlds wealth.
He said, THREE of the worlds richest Americans have more money that 10% of the worlds poorest population, put together. Did you just say, "WOW!!"
He gave data that said if you have $2100 in assets you have more money that 36% of the people in the world.


Just as all of us stood there is shock, he asked 10 more people to stand.
Now these 10 represent missions in the world. They represented the amount of missionaries and the amount of missionary money.
So he took 9 of them and put them around the guy holding the USA flag. And he states 9 out of 10 missionaries and missionary money goes to the USA (remember 4% of the population) and 1 out of ten missionaries and the money goes to 96% of the worlds population.
WOW!!!! Marinate on that for a minute.

Growing up, I use to ask my dad if we were rich and he would always say NO.
When my kids ask if we are rich, I emphatically say, "YES". We can't stop thinking about where we are as it pertains to the world.
We are so lucky to be born in this country. Or if you moved here, we are so lucky to live here. Imagine if we were born in a country where we weren't free.
Free to be a capitalist. Free to worship. Free to have as many babies as we wanted. Free to write on a blog.
You are damn right we are lucky.

Is our call too small? You bet your sweet toosh it is. Our call is usually about a 5 foot circle around our bodies.
We complain about people not paying their bills, we complain that the gas prices are too high (for our fine luxury automobiles). We complain when things just don't go our way. We complain, complain, complain.
$2100, I can't shake this number. If I had $2100, I am richer than 36% of the people in the world. I turned to lady sitting next to me and I said, "My family and I are wearing $2100 worth of stuff." (I was exaggerating a little, but it is close enough).

Think about this.
I will talk to you on Wednesday.

Buckeydentist are you still with me? I miss your comments.


Anonymous said...

Dear John,

The thng about numbers is that they do not lie. People can argue till they are blue in the face over issues, but once you put true numbers into the equation now people can truly relate. They key though is are they true numbers and not skewed. I would guess by your blog you feel they are so.

We all know what $2100 is. Hmmm. Does bring light to the idea of what money is and can do. And the 4% number. Wow.

Thanks for the "light"

Buckeyedental said...

Dear John Yes I am still with you praise be to God I have been busy at the office and with the family in Feb.I did not even get to check the blog in Feb.John you need to pay attention in Sunday school class. Abraham was from Ur God did not tell him were he was going he just told him to go. Abraham was obedient and left for a land unknown. Gen.12:1-8What a blessing we have to live in this country. I do not remember the exact % but this United States of America gives the overwhelming majority of aid to charity world wide. That is government, Church, nongovernmental groups, not bad for 4% is that the reason we are hated in the world? As far as teaching the kids it is my church's goal to have every student go on at lest one foreign mission trip. One to spread the gospel but to experience the outside world. But we need to teach the kids daily the blessing they have and the good life they live. Just as we are pleased it is are responsibility to give back and be a blessing (like your charity day).

gatordmd said...

So great to hear from you. Even before your comment I talked to the elder who was giving the talk (I knew someone would probably call me out on that one). I said, "I think I told my audience wrong about Abraham."
I don't remember what he said but I do remember that he said I wasn't wrong entirely. I will get clarification.
I am glad you are back.

gatordmd said...

Okay, I went back to Matthew Henry's Commentary and my study Bible and they both suggest with the help of Acts 7:2 (they felt) God asked Abrham to go to Caannan. Don't ask me I am just telling you what the books says.
Talk to you later brother.

Anonymous said...


Hebrews 11:8 says, "By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going."

Genesis 12:1and 4 says "The LORD had sid to Abram, 'Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you.'..."So Abram left, as the LORD had told him; and Lot went with him.

Genesis 12: 5 does say that he arrived in Canaan, but Abram did not know that on the outset.

I enjoy your blog, I usually check it when I get the e-mail from the AGD and I click on the link.



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