Thursday, July 7, 2016

Boston or Bust

I am excited. I can’t wait. Believe it or not, I will be attending my first AGD annual meeting this year. This is surprising since I have been an AGD member since 2008 and have been blogging for The Daily Grind since 2013.

For the past several years, I have had intentions of attending. But, as I am sure you understand, sometimes, life gets in the way.

One year, my wife and I were in China meeting our baby daughter for the first time. I could not attend the AGD meeting that year.

Another year, our daughter was at Children’s Hospital with a serious disease. I could not attend that year. (She is doing great now.)

Yet another year, I was scheduled to attend the AGD annual meeting. Then, I was invited to my cousin’s wedding in Italy. I opted to attend his wedding and Pope Francis’ general audience instead.

But this year, I am saying, “Boston or bust.”

One reason Boston will be so special is that I’ll be able to visit fellow dentist Paul Revere’s house. Yes, he was a dentist. In fact, I understand that his dental instruments are still on display. I have been fortunate enough to also have visited Tombstone, Arizona, where Doc Holliday’s dental instruments also are on display. It is hard to think of two more famous dentists.

Being the classic rock fan that I am, I will listen to the band BOSTON during my entire flight into Boston.

One person that I am especially looking forward to meeting is The Daily Grind legend himself, Dr. John Gammichia. I understand that we have both been invited to the same get-together the Friday night of the meeting. I can’t wait.

Anyway, I am going “Boston or bust.” Please do me a favor: If you happen to run into me at the AGD annual meeting, please say hello. I would love to meet our Daily Grind readers!

Andy Alas, DDS


Unknown said...

Love your blogs, Andy...and John IS A GREAT GUY (He's also our editor for Florida Focus). I hope to meet you in Boston!

Larry Grayhills

Ed said...

As a classic rock fan, you might want (really need) to go see the Dead and Company at Fenway Park 7/15 or 7/16. It was a must see show in NYC. I had reservations about John Mayer, but he absolutely killed it.

cpc said...

My old stomping grounds! If the "Mapparium" is still open check it out. Also the "No Name Restaurant". Enjoy!


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