Friday, November 13, 2015


If you have ever written on a regular basis, you will understand what I mean when I say I had a completely different blog post prepared, but after this weekend I ditched that story for this. Recently, AGD President Mark Donald, DMD, MAGD, challenged us to share with our friends and colleagues why we are both proud and loyal. 
I recently returned from the AGD 2015 Fall Joint Council Meeting on Oct. 30 to Oct. 31 in Chicago. It was, as I anticipated, an amazing weekend to collaborate and network with other AGD members. My journey to this aspect of my AGD service, at the national level, began last year after attending the 2014 AGD Leadership Development Symposium on Nov. 21 and 22 in Chicago. This most recent experience is just one of the many reasons I am #AGDProud: 

  • I am #AGDProud that I have the opportunity to serve as a volunteer at the national level, working with my fellow council members to contribute ideas and concepts to share with other members.
  • I am #AGDProud that our organization is passionate about our members.
  • I am #AGDProud to share the excitement of becoming a Fellow with other members and help them with their journey to become a Fellow if they desire.
  • I am #AGDProud of the AGD and the work being done to advocate on behalf of general dentists.
  • I am #AGDProud to serve at the state level, working to ensure our members have the best benefits any organization can offer.
  • I am #AGDProud to educate nonmembers about the benefits that the AGD provides.
How do you share your pride? We can all meet the challenge that Dr. Donald has asked of us.  

What do you think of when someone says they are loyal? Are you #AGDLoyal?

I think of a person, who, despite being presented with a conflict or challenge, continues to move forward in a positive way. I think of a person who is reliable and trustworthy. 

·         I am #AGDLoyal in that I am dedicated to our organization to serve in my appointed position.
·         I am #AGDLoyal to my colleagues who stand with me in our unified endeavor to create the best constituent we can be.
·         I am #AGDLoyal to my patients, and I continue to push myself to learn as much as I can in order to provide them with the exemplary care they deserve.   

I hope that you can share your excitement as an AGD member with your dental team, patients, and friends. Get the buzz going and push yourself to be #AGDProud.

Colleen B. DeLacy, DDS, FAGD

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Jon said...

That is amazing enthusiasm!
Dr Hardinger Former Communication Council.


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