Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer Flurries

The last few weeks have been a flurry, and I’ve been super busy with work and fun!

After I came home from AGD 2015, held this June in San Francisco, I realized that it was finally summer in Michigan, but I still hadn’t arranged to have our beloved lady (our boat) dropped in the water. When I called for this service, it was if I was that patient who calls your office and says, “My insurance benefits end in seven days and I have a lot of work that needs to be done.  You can get me in, right?”

Honestly, the owner laughed. She actually said, “Colleen! You haven’t gotten on the schedule yet? There’s no way we can get your boat in by the Fourth of July!”

I took in a breath, recognizing my colossal error, and said, “I understand it’s my issue, but can you at least get it in for Boat Week?”

Now let me fill you in: Boat Week (aka The Blue Water Fest) is one of the biggest celebrations/festivals in my hometown, Port Huron, Mich. I plan my entire summer around this July event.

The festival kicks off with the annual parade and carnival, free concerts nightly, and on Saturday morning, the fleet leaves. The fleet refers to the nearly 250 sailboats that participate in one of the longest fresh water races in the world. The Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race was first held in 1925 and has been gaining speed every year since. In its 91st running, the sailboats are the centerpiece of the event. Thousands of spectators line the river on Saturday morning to see the sailors on their way.

 With this being such a huge part of my summer events, you’re probably curious as to why I let myself get so far behind. I don’t have the answer exactly, but I try to remember this and realize that patients, too, at times, have the best intentions and fall short. That is why I try my best to accommodate them whenever I can. 

We recently had a young adult who had put off treatment for quite a while and her benefits were no longer going to be in effect after she reached age 21. Essentially, it was a full-mouth rehab, including endo and full-coverage restorations. My staff and I adjusted our schedule for several weeks in an attempt to complete all of her treatment (which we did with one day to spare). I had concerns that she may not truly appreciate what we did and I wondered if our efforts may have been futile—but truth be known I still like to believe that she appreciated it. My hope is that she will continue to maintain and value the hard work we completed for her, just as I appreciate the marine company getting our boat ready and in the water, so I could enjoy Boat Week.

Hope you are having a great summer!

Colleen B. DeLacy, DDS, FAGD

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