Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Soul Recharge

I’ll make this one short and sweet, as I’m writing this on a tablet, sitting on the beach. Sorry, not sorry!

Our profession is not an easy one. Yes, it’s certainly rewarding, educational, and sociological—but it’s one that depletes the mind, body, and soul, and sometimes warrants a recharge.

What I mean is, sometimes the grind gets to you. Two hygiene schedules to check on top of your restorative patients. Assistants who call in sick on a seemingly weekly basis. Patients who just don’t heed your restorative recommendations. Equipment that breaks down and requires unanticipated expenditures. Not the norm, but it happens. And, if you’re like me, sometimes it gets to you. Which is why I’ve found it valuable to seek out and plan regularly scheduled “recharges” (though in some circles, they call them vacations).

These recharges come in all shapes and sizes, but they must include a few important attributes—time away from staff/patients, time spent with family and friends, and a healthy dose of vitamin D. It’s that simple, though sometimes putting the phone or computer down for the entire time is harder than you think (insert me writing this blog right now).

You know what’s even more of a bonus? Planning a recharge around a continuing education (CE) course! Lots of dental websites list CE by date and location, making it easy to find one in that city you’ve always wanted to get to and to learn about that topic or procedure you’ve been interested in adding to your repertoire. Enjoy some family time, get a recharge, and learn something valuable to bring back to your daily routine as well. And, on top of that, you get the ever important tax benefit. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

My wife and I are on a trip now with our 7-month-old and my parents—and yes, there’s CE involved, so breakfast was a tax write-off (sorry, not sorry). Though the weather has been less than desired, we’ve enjoyed the three required attributes to a successful recharge: less office time, more family time, and vitamin D! As you can see from the picture, our little one may be getting the most recharge of us all.

So, next week, take a look at your calendar. Pick a long weekend or a week a few months out. Find a fun destination, and find a CE course. Plan a recharge—you deserve and need it!

Donald Murray III, DMD


Lilya Horowitz DDS said...

Congrats on the baby and enjoy your trip! I have not been brave enough to bring the whole fam on a CE trip, maybe next year :)

Alex said...

Nice post and your baby is nicer than your post ;)

I absolutely agree with you. A little or long vacation break is needed in every profession people, not only for Dentists. Your post is helpful for creating awareness for peoples who are involving in highly technical work and of course over stressed people. By the way, thanks for sharing such good post.


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