Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Pit of Your Stomach

Have you ever learned you were doing something the wrong way? Maybe you were using an instrument ineffectively, or a material inefficiently. You get a pit in your stomach that makes you feel two inches tall. And you think, “I could have been causing problems. I could have done this more quickly…” Well, I had one of those experiences this last week.

Have you ever met Gordon Christensen? I had always heard about how great he is, how much he has done for dentistry, how he has led the profession in research and its practical applications. But I had never had a chance to see him in person, or meet him, until last week.

The lecture was outstanding. He has so much valuable information. Not just depths of research into one or two topics, but depths of research and 50 years of experience on any topic you can think of. You name it, and he has studied it and come to a conclusion about it. And if he hasn’t, they are working on it.

I had no idea, or didn’t think I needed that information. It was like I was back in dental school, voraciously taking notes. It seemed like every word out of his mouth was going to be valuable for me the next week.

I have been reviewing my notes since then and have found, every time, something new to add or change in my techniques or supplies. I didn’t think I was doing things wrong, but now I know better. Now I know that there is a better, faster, cheaper way to do some things. Of course, I want it to happen all at once, but I know it doesn’t work like that. I have to make a list and prioritize it, based on needs and potential impact on my patients and practice.

So, I will be going back to the fountain of Gordon Christensen. Even if only to hear about another way to do things, because maybe it will be better than what I am doing now. And maybe I will get rid of those pits in my stomach.

Michael Lemme, DDS

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Bob oro said...

Great post!
Got to meet "Yoda" Christensen when I got my MAGD back in 1988. He was the only person at the convocation to congratulate me on being 36 and a Master. Our relationship has flourished in the years since.
He inspired my wife Debbie and I to be innovative and give back to our great profession over the last 26 years.
The big question in our profession is who is going to be the new "Yoda."
Enjoy the Journey,
Bob and Debbie


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