Friday, March 7, 2014

Choose Happiness

Are you happy?

Why or why not?

A couple spoke in church last Sunday about happiness. They did an excellent job, and inspired me to think about what true happiness is.

I remember a time when I was an undergraduate at BYU. We had a 6-month old daughter, and she was just starting to crawl and get into things. I always kept my textbooks by my chair so I could study next to the lamp. Well, she was constantly getting into my books, and knocking them down and playing with them.

I was trying to study, and I was getting frustrated. I couldn't concentrate. I wasn't focused. It was a waste of time. And my daughter was frustrated because she wasn't getting the time she needed from me.

I had to make a decision: I could continue to try to study, or I could put it away and spend time with her. I decided to take the time at home and spend it with her. I did the same thing through dental school, as well. If I was at home, I was 100% at home. It made such a difference.

I sometimes stayed late at school in order to study longer. I sometimes went in early. But when I was home with my daughter, I wasn't frustrated about not being able to study. I was able to enjoy the time we had together as a family.

I decided not to be frustrated. I chose to be happy.

I don't always have that attitude, and I have to remind myself about what is most important. I think back to that time at school, and I relax and put my other stuff away.

I choose to be happy.

Michael Lemme, DDS


Unknown said...

Now I have the similar circumstances as you, I also have a son just 20 months. When I go to home, he will come to me, let me play with him such as opening and closing book, clamping building block, tearing paper, and I can't do other work. Sometimes I am fretful. Now your post inspires me, I will catch the short time to make both of us happy.

Dea said...

this is inspiring. It's so called enjoying the moment. I am doing that too, when I am home, it is my me time, when I am at the dental hospital it's my dental life


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