Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Have Confidence

Do you believe in your fee? Are you worth that much? Or that little?

I took my team to the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference last weekend. We went to some great classes and had some fun, too. One of the instructors reminded me of something I need to improve: confidence. He said we should be confident in our fee. In order to present the treatment to our patients, we have to believe that is worth it. This reminded me of what I learned from Dave Ramsey last year at an EntreLeadership course.

He said that when someone pays another person for something, they are handing them a note of appreciation. (These notes happen to have presidents’ faces on them.) You have to believe that your service is worth that amount of money. If you had that service done, you would be happy to pay that much for it. If you and your team don't believe that, you cannot present a treatment plan confidently. And if you don’t believe it, you will probably communicate that to your patient, either verbally or through body language.

My wife reminds me to always tell my patients that this is the treatment that I would do for my mother or sister or wife. Only say that if it is true, of course.

If you don't believe in your fee, change it. If you don't really believe in your treatment, then take a course to build your confidence with that treatment or improve other skills. If your team is unsure of the treatment, take them to a course to increase their skills and knowledge.

Believe in your fee, and present it with confidence.

Mike Lemme, DDS

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