Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!


Well, it's 2013. The world survived the end of the Mayan calendar, and I am just getting over the fact that I have to wait a year to watch Homeland again.

I have had time this weekend to really set my goals for the year. Now, I know I have said this before (like 40 times before), but this time, I really mean it. I am going to start exercising more. Stop laughing.

I had asked my wife to get me a remote-controlled helicopter this Christmas. Now, you have to realize that I never play video games or have had any electronic toys. I have no skills for flying remote-controlled planes or anything of that nature. She did some research and found this thing called a Ladybird. It is not really a helicopter, but a quadcopter. She thought it would be easier for me to fly because I am a beginner.

She ordered it online, and it arrived a couple days after Christmas. I was so excited! I opened the box and literally gasped. I started to read the instructions immediately because I wanted to get this baby on its maiden voyage as soon as possible. After about four hours, I still had no idea how to even turn it on.

The instructions were so difficult. I had to start searching YouTube for clues. I found a ton of videos on the thing flying, but nothing on how to turn it on. The next day, I called the company, and a salesperson knew just enough to help me at least get power to it. Now I have to study up on what an aileron is, and how to work that and a rudder. This is really complicated!

I was just hoping to fly the little bird around the yard and I’ve already spent two days just trying to figure out how to operate it. I’m ready! I had my Ladybird outside with my hand on the throttle. I gave it a little juice, the four propellers started to spin and my heart started pounding. She lifted off the ground about two feet. I got nervous and let off the power. It came crashing down. Then my wife asked to try it.

I handed her the control unit. She engaged the throttle and the Ladybird instantly shot up about 80 feet into the air. Before we knew it, my little lady flew over my house and disappeared. Now, mind you, we live on 20 acres. If anyone lives in Florida, please check your front yard. Here is what she looks like:

The 15 seconds I got to actually play with her were awesome though.

This coming year is going to be interesting for us. Our youngest daughter will be moving out to attend college in Ft. Myers (David, you are my lookout). This will leave us pretty much childless for the first time since we have been married. I have plans to make her room a recording studio/man getaway. She can always sleep on the couch if she decides to come home to visit.

I am wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy 2013. Have a great week, and have a great year.



Anonymous said...

Have you checked the roof?

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