Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Charting Your Future

Well, summer is officially over. We know this for several reasons. The Farmer's Almanac says so, football season is here (my Gators are going to need some help this year), and the kids are back in school. I love the fall here in Florida; it is still warm enough to swim but the humidity starts to die down and the mornings occasionally are a little cooler.

Do you think much about your retirement dreams? I do at times, even though I figure I have about 20-25 more years to go. That would put me at 59-64 years old. I figure I will work until I am 65 unless something changes that. “Sixty” sounds real nice to me; a good age to hang it up.

My parents recently bought a really nice cabin in Mineral Bluff, Georgia. There is biking, zip-lining, shopping, white water rafting, train rides, lots of fun stuff to do. They are renting it for about $1100.00 a week and it sleeps up to 10 people. It is really nice. It is for rent - email me if you want to see Evening Shade Hideaway. Anyway, it was their dream to have a mountain cabin. My dad is a retired brigadier general and he is using his Army retirement reserve check to pay the bills with some still left over. I will not have a nice government pension to rely on, so I have to save myself. That was one of their dreams, I guess.

What are yours? Mine is to just be able to maintain a comfortable existence. A beach place would be great. Do you have a retirement plan in effect and are you meeting your goals? Do you have a professional planner leading the way or are you on your own? I have done some of both. I know some people that spend $10k plus a year on a financial advisor. Too rich for my blood!

I do not bet on social security at all with the way this country is going. When I see the projections on how much I will need, it seems impossible. I still have three young kids to get out of the house and on their own two feet. That is my first goal, but I am trying to save for myself. I know I could do better, but I like to have toys now. Who knows if I will even make it to retirement to enjoy it? I am the type that always has to have a carrot hanging out in front of me to motivate me to work hard.

Do you think about 20 years down the road, or are you just trying to get done with the next patient?

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