Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching Up

Wow, summer is cruising by. It is almost football time! Looking forward to kick-off everyone (except the Penn State fans, I would guess). What happened there was obviously horrible, but what is an appropriate response? I do not know the answer to that.

We just had some employee performance reviews. I do not mind doing the reviews very much. Fortunately, almost all of our employees are performing well, so they are usually not too negative. It seems that most employees assume that they deserve a raise every time they have a review. I guess from their perspective, if it has been a year or whatever time interval and they have not been fired, then they must be performing well and deserve a raise. I guess their logic makes sense, but at a certain point an employee will reach their threshold of what their training, education, and production warrants. What is an appropriate raise? Is 25 cents an hour a slap in the face? Does it not matter if it isn’t a dollar or more? I don’t know. I just look at how they better the business and use my gut! Everyone this time seemed happy with their review. If not, I do not want to know!!!!

I am going to step on a land mine here. I will leave out names so this does not get cut on the AGD blog editing floor. I would assume a vast majority of the dentist readers are small business owners. How irritated were you when you heard that the business that you built was not because of you? You probably know what I am talking about. Yes, I need infrastructure (roads, mail, police, etc.), but the last time I wrote a hefty check to the IRS, I think I paid even more for that than most people. It seems like this political season, you are bashed, beaten and vilified if you are successful and make a profit, and you owe everything to the government. If it is so easy, why isn’t everyone successfully running their own business? I do not remember any guarantees to me when I left the security of a military government job and went on my own to join and build a business. Taking out loans and using savings to keep things going was risk on my part, and I don’t remember Uncle Sam sharing that risk.

I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I grew up in a middle income household. We had no special advantages. I just watched my dad work hard and EARN a PhD. I did the same: studying and working hard to get where I am at. It is just frustrating when a politician tells me that I owe them for my success and I do not do enough in return.

I know I might get some hate mail over this subject, but oh well. I better stop here before I get myself in trouble even more.

Have a great week.



Cynthia Becker DDS MAGD said...

I think hate mail these days is pointed toward successful business owners, (many dentists are part of that club). Because I am female, I suppose that the illustrious personage you quoted thinks I didnt get there alone in a big way. I, like you, grew up in a low middle class family. Dad earned too much for me to get a scholarship, so I waitressed my way through undergrad and dental school to make ends meet. I am the first doctor ever in our family. I paid back my student loans, purchased a practice, then property, built a building and hired 16 employees and other than closing the road my business is on 7 times in 20 years for construction and blocking various project with zoning laws, I cant remember any help from the government. I think I built my business despite the government not because of it. I had help...fanily (they painted my new building in and out and landscaped it)and faith. I am so insulted by the comment you quoted, I can hardly speak. Due to government stagnation and poor policy, I now have only 14 employees. Is that negative job creation? I think so! Would love to have a discussion with some of those politicos who have never even held a job outside politics and re-educate them. Lets elect some accountants so at least I know the 60% of my income (combined everthing taxed) goes to pay our country's debt instead of being flushed into some more Solyndra disasters. At least they know what a balanced budget looks like, not sure any of the others do!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. It infuriates me that the government, or at least the head of it, is trying to take credit for our hard work! I was never able to qualify for a small business loan, or any of the "supposed" benefits we get! The only thing the government has done for me and my practice is collect my taxes!! Don't get me started! He just showed his prejudice and ignorance!

Anonymous said...

I would respectfully suggest that you all find the full transcript of the speech and read it, and not buy into the FOX News sound bite version. Context IS important.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "anonymous". Read or listen to the full speech because the statement was taken totally out of context. Even Governor Romney has stated that no one independently built their own business without the help of teachers, mentors, infrastructure etc. This is all much to do about nothing....


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