Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moving In

I do not know about your town (big, small or in between), but it is interesting to see a new dentist move into town. We have had some new ones move in and their welcome by other dentists is mixed. Some of the current dentists welcome them with open arms; others act like they are jumping their gold claim!

My town is full of good orthodontists. Lately, the grumbling has been that four more orthodontists are coming to town. I can see why the other people would be nervous. There was another specialist that moved in recently and some of the dentists that have been in town awhile seem to be stirring up some rumors about them.

It can be really hard for a new young gun out of school to move into a small to medium town. I withhold judgment until I feel proof they are good or bad. John’s blog about the corporate offices is so true to my area, as well. Mainly, they have new graduates working there. Working for certain corporate offices can already put a strike against you in some dentist’s minds.

How many dentists and specialists per capita is an ideal number? I know it would vary based on age and demographics of the population and specialty. I bet there is some organization with that info out there.

If you get a chance, go to YouTube and look up dentist vs. doctor extra normal video. I find it hilarious. Read the comments – people take this very seriously. I will write about this in an upcoming blog.

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Dr. Andy said...

You missed the point. Dentists are clamoring for MORE dentists to move into their neighborhood. That is why the ADA encourages new dental schools to open up. Six new ones in the past few years and more on the way. See, the demographics have been studied by someone and the conclusion is that your office is too busy to handle the demand.


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