Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lights. Camera. Action!

Hey all,

Happy Wednesday!

On Friday, I told you about my daughter's birthday cake, but I realized I forgot to put the pictures in. Sorry about that, I know you don't care that my two of my staff members started a cake business. But, you see, the pictures would have brought this all together and I forgot. Would you forgive me if I put the pictures in now? It will be worth it.

(Don't forget to double click on the image and it will get bigger and you can see the detail)

This weekend was busy for me; I had to do two public appearances. That sounds so Hollywood, doesn't it?

My church is getting behind a Thanksgiving Day food drive called Bags of Love.
I talked to the ones that organize it and to the church. The church was going to announce it to the members and someone said, "Why don't you do it?"

"Whoa, you mean get up in front of the congregation and talk?"

"Yeah, just tell everyone about Bags of Love."

"Okay, I guess."

Sunday was the big day. Let me tell you - this was not easy. I could have easily gone up there and told everyone that Bags of Love is an envelope that has food items on it. You go out, buy a reusable bag, and you put items on the envelope in the bag.

I did that, but I have to do things like this with some style. So I thought I would bring my whole family up and talk about how my family prays for the poor but it was time to put our prayers into action and do something about it. I was going to tell them that around the dinner table we talk about how some people don't have this.

But when you get up there in front of 600 people, it is SO SCARY. Everyone is staring at you. I was shaking like a leaf. I had an idea of what I wanted to say, but once I started to hear my voice on the speakers, I thought, "Holy sh!t, I am totally freaking out here!" It becamce an out of body experience. When I got back to my seat, I had sweat coming out of every pore on my body.

On Monday, I was asked to do a TV show. Now, it is not what you think. It was not Good Morning America or Larry King Live. No. It was Joy to our Town, on Channel 55. Channel 55 is a local Christian station and they do 15 minute segments on things going on in our town. One of my patients works there and asked me to do a dental minute (or 15).

I got there about 9:30 for a 10am appearance. I was a basketcase. I followed directions to the studio and had a seat. I looked through the door and saw a small studio set up like a living room, with two leather chairs facing each other and a little coffee table. It was a tiny room with about three cameras and a couple of lights. They had me sign a few releases and then sat me in the chair opposite the host.

If you haven't done this, it is nothing like you see on TV. This room was so small that you had to duck under cameras and step over light stands, taped down wires on the ground. The only place that looked normal was the two chairs and the coffee table.

We talked about what we were going to discuss on the air. They put my mic on and laid down the ground rules: Do not look at the camera, look at the host. Talk more than you think is necessary; short answers are a killer. The people behind the cameras will give you cues to how much time is left. Is that clear?

"Uhhh, yeah."

"Can I get you some water?"

"Uh, yes, considering there is a squirrel in my mouth and I can't feel my tongue."

I think I did pretty well. I was much better than the day before, even though it was another out-of-body experience. I wasn't that nervous, if you can believe that. I was just trying to not forget the things I wanted to say. We talked about access to care and some options for the working poor. Talking about dentistry with someone I don't know is what I do almost all the time.

As an aside, I was doing some research about this issue and student loans was part of the discussion. Did you know that the most expensive dental school is a state school? The University of Southern California has a dental school and it is $65,000 a year to go there!

And here I am thinking $27,000 a year to go to the greatest school is expensive. Are you kidding me? University of Florida College of Dentistry is a steal! The problem is: 1500 applicants for 83 spots. Wow.

Anyway, we finished up the TV interview and I have to say, I am a natural. No, just kidding. But really, I wasn't too bad. They were going to tape eight 15 minute spots that day, so by the time I was done, they were already prepping the next person. "Thank you so much for coming. You remember how to get out."

Do you have any experiences with media? Do you do a radio spot? Tell me about it; inquiring minds want to know.

Have a great Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Is your TV interview going to get posted on Youtube? Hope so.

Anonymous said...

Public speaking is nerve-wracking. I've done it on TV, on the radio and in front of hundreds of people. I hate it. I leave it to the psychologists to figure out why it is so distressing but I try to avoid the public microphones, when possible.

Madison's cake looks so awesome. If I lived in your area I would hire your staff members for all my cake-making needs. They certainly do good work.


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