Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo Convertible

Hey all,

Hope you all had a good weekend and are having a good week.
I am kind of in a bad mood. My Gators are in the tourney but getting very close to the bubble.
They have had a grind it out kind of season. We have won or lost about 10 games by 5 or less points. I know you hate me talking about the Gators, and I have tried to talk less, but I felt like I had to tell you. I mean if it reflects in my writing you need to know.

Well last night they lost another tough one. We lost to an under .500 team this weekend, and we lost to a top 25 team last night by a total of 6 points.
And oh yeah I forgot to tell you, we play Kentucky this weekend. If you haven't been watching, Kentucky was ranked #1 last week and lost and now they are #4.
I am thinking another loss.

I watched a couple of movies last week.
I watched Star Trek. I am not a Trekkie or anything, and I haven't watched anything to do with Star Trek in a long time. But the movie was pretty good.
I watched Rudy again, and it is still awesome.

Okay I will get right to the subject.
Oh before I forget....I don't think we are done talking about Septocaine. We have had some good comments on the subject. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I don't want to leave a stone unturned.
We are going to have our dental student give us a post soon, so we can see how he/she is doing.
And lastly, I have had some issues with Optibond FL. Everyone says it is great and my facial fillings that I did with Optibond FL are all coming out. I wrote to REALITY and this guy wrote me back. I think I might be talking to a big wig at Kerr. I didn't say very nice things, and he is defending and not trying to chew me out at the same time.
When I am done with this discussion I will post it.

The other day I am doing my thing at work. And I see a long lost patient coming out of hygiene.
I go over and give him a man hug, and we exchange pleasantries. He says, "you got a second." I say, "Sure."
"You have to come outside and see my new car. I just got it yesterday."
Now I am not into cars, but I can appreciate the feeling someone gets when they get a new car.
I often go out in the parking lot and see people's cars. We have an office that the face of it looks out to our parking lot and this wall of the office is all glass.
So I am looking at the types of cars that are out there. I often will ask people if that is their car.
And I will say, "Wow, that is a really nice car." And they might say, "Do you want to see it."
And I will always say yes.
Sometimes I have gotten in the car with people and driven around the neighborhood.

So nothing was different when I went out to see this guy's new car. Well when I went out there, and his new car was a fresh, off the lot, 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo Convertible.
Now I was not that impressed, but I asked him how much it costs. Just so you know I was $40,000 off.
Now this is where I want you to guess. Go ahead and guess how much it costs and then click this link and it will tell you how much (bottom right hand corner and before I forget he paid $17,000 more than MSRP for extra's and tax.)

Now, usually this stuff doesn't bother me. But I think this one did.
I recognize some of you might have nice cars. I don't have a problem with nice cars (maybe I do and some of the reason is because I can't or don't have one. I don't think for me and where I am at right now that having a nice car is a smart move for me).
I don't fault any of you for having nice cars. I think Infinities are very nice, I like Lexus', Mercedes and the like.
I don't have a problem with spending money on luxury.
I don't know why I was so bothered.

I think a bunch of reasons....
I think first and foremost the price is what bothered me the most. $160,000. Oh my gosh.
There are so many things wrong with this.
I don't know, I live in a world where I am struggling paying tuition for my kid's education. I live in a world where my patients struggle to find money sometimes to pay for a filling.
I live in a world that has people in it that will wait in a cold parking lot over night to get a $100 filling for free.
I live in a world that my wife hit the garage with the side of her minivan and that dent is still there.
I work with 9 good people that work hard and live pay check to pay check like most of the rest of us. I know their stories, and it is not champagne and caviar.
This guy is not living in my world. This guy and I don't even live on the same stratosphere.
I am thinking he doesn't live in the same world as many people.
I started to think to myself, "why did he want me to see this car?"
I can't even relate.
I am driving a 9 -year-old Ford F150 truck for crying out loud.

Could I afford a nice car? I guess I could. I think it is choice my wife and I make.
Every time I write my tithe check I am making a decision.

When I talk to people that are jealous like me, "I don't even like that car. I mean it only fits two people. It is not even a practical car. You can't even put a set of golf clubs in that car."

When I am running with my running group, who I think have money, we talk about cars. But I think it is a healthy talk. I think most of them can drive nice cars, but keep it into perspective.
As much as we appreciate the look of a nice car we also talk about the money. The depreciation of the money.
When I talked to my church group it is easy to sit back and talk about how we could build a couple of churches with that money. Or say something like, "I feel sorry for that guy he is worshiping the wrong god. He has a god and it is his car."

I don't know where I really stand. I think it is all of them.
I think I am a bit jealous (but not that much). I think I am a bit too money conscience and a bit to practical to by something like that. And I think I do feel a bit sorry for him because I do think it does become people's god.

I mean how much money do you have to have in your bank account to afford a $160,000 car.
How does the negotiations sound like, "I know the sticker says $168,000 but I am not going a penny over $160,000."
"Well then I am going to have to go talk to my manager."
"Let him know that if you don't match my price I am walking."

I don't know, I am I alone in this?
Do we all aspire to have a nice car?
Go ahead and tell is anonymous.
I would like to know what you drive and your thought process behind your decision.
Do you like fast cars? Were you going through a mid-life crisis (which is okay because I am almost there)?
Do you love your car and can't wait to get another one?
Did you buy an expensive car and hate it?

I have to be honest, I don't ever think I am going to have a nice car. I think even when I am free from all my house debt and my office debt I will then move to other obligations.
Maybe I will work less. Maybe I will pay for my grandkid's tuition. Maybe I will start a college fund for them.
Maybe I will start a dental clinic. But I sure won't spend it on a car regardless of how awesome it is, at least I don't think.

See I told you I was in a mood. Those stupid Gators.
Have a great rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

You think the Porsche guy’s crazy for spending $160k on a car. He thinks his neighbor is crazy for spending $800k on a fishing boat. I’m sure there’s a person out there that thinks you’re crazy for spending $500 on a watch, and someone else that thinks that person is crazy for spending $100 on a pair of shoes. It’s all relative when it comes to rationalizing our wants. In every case, the money spent on wants could always be better spent on a need, but that’s what separates the two. We’re not going to stop spending money on things that we want just to avoid judgment (and we’re also not going to stop judging people who drive around in something that could buy food for a large African village for five years), so it’s just an issue of calibrating your own moral compass whenever something new and shinny crosses your path.

Anonymous said...

i agree with person above. nothing wrong with an F-150, if your priorities are elsewhere. the porsche dude will never understand paying $70K for a 'scope so you can do a better endo. maybe he doesn't have wife and kids, so he can easily spend it on (probably what he sees as a) "practical car".

i say good for him. personally, i like good scotch and have an expensive steak habit. life is too short...and besides, i don't have much hair, so what would i ever do with a convertible anyway?

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great topic,
My wife and I make a modest income,
live in an average home with our 2children 12 & 9.

My wife drives a 2002 Kia van 85,000 miles on it broken parts and pieces abound (it's a KIA) we owe next to nothing on the thing and plan to keep it until it dies. I have a Mustang GT Convertible, Relax, it is a 2002 as well, about 85,000 on that one too! Last but not least I still have the first vehicle I ever bought,in fact it is the only vehicle I ever bought brand new.
My 1993 Toyota pickup has 230,000 miles on it. She is my baby, I know it from top to bottom. In fact I drive to and from work everyday. (80 miles) I built my own Hydrogen cannisters which supply the old girl with an extra boost to help burn the almost $3.00 a gallon gas more efficiently.
I am proud to say it gets 37 MPG and it is 17 years old.

As for the Mustang the black paint on the bumpers in peeling away and the top needs to be replaced. I see the Corvettes and other higher end cars and think....What a moron, you paid a lot of money to let people know you paid a lot of money.

I bought my truck brand new 17 years ago. (got my monies worth)The van we bought used, the car we bought used.

I guess what I am trying to say is I am one of those people who is proud, happy, overjoyed even to tell you how little I paid for something. Call me Crazy!!

P.S. It is a real shame that all that money is just to buy the car, wait till it goes in the shop....OUCH!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other two posts. If you can afford it and you have taken care of your other priorities well, well why not? I would love to have a beautiful jewel of a car - provided all my other needs were comfortably met and not at any of those need's expense. Just FYI I am in your boat brother as I am also practicing successfully 15 years and I drive a 12 year old Civic and and a 13 year old Eclipse. But I also have a beautiful home, nanny for my children and take them on holidays abroad every year. So I guess its just a matter of priorities. I am sure somebody looks at you and can't believe the stuff you spend money on!
In any case great blog, always a good read.

Your Canadian clone,


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't spend that much on a car even if I could. That being said, I don't disparage its purchase. This guy, and others like him who purchase luxury goods, are keeping people employed. Those people will in turn visit the dentist because they can afford their cleanings and fillings.

Anonymous said...

Who needs a car that can go 194mph. Where are they going to drive the thing? If I was buying a car it sure wouldn't be on that one.

Anonymous said...

We are blessed to make just under a 7 figure salary, and I just got a new car...a Toyota Camry. I love it, can afford a fancy car, but don't want it. Sometimes I think people drive fancy cars to make others think they have money....frankly I don't really care what others think, but I am probably in the minority. However, I agree with the others, though, if you can afford it, why not? Nothing saying the guy doesn't still give to charities, nothing saying his priorities are misguided...if he didn't have to take out a 2nd mortgage on the house....then good for him!

Anonymous said...

Doc, I'm a dentist too. 10 yrs out, paid my own way through all my schooling after high school and now support a wife and a 2 year old, a mortgage and 5 yrs left on private non-government unsubsidized student loans.

Not everyone is a car guy but you sound like one on the inside but like so many other "closet car guys" you can't justify spending a small fortune on a car. No one said you have to spend $160k on a new ride but if I were you I would at least pick up something funner than a F150 and live life since it only comes around once. You can easily pick up a fun ride, even a used porsche, for $20-60k. It won't be new, but it will still make you smile every time you get in and drive it. Then after a few years you can still sell it and get a bunch of money back. =)

Then again if you're not a car guy (like the poster above making 7 figures) you probably wouldn't be writing this post in the first place.

gatordmd said...

I hear you but there is only so much money on my tree.
Even $20-60k is pushing it for me.
Like I said you have to make decisions especially when you have a family. 3 kids in private school, tithing, office loans, student loans.
I have always paid cash for my cars and drive the wheels off of it.
And really what makes me smile when I get into my car is how cheap it is to drive.
I would say I am a car guy and I enjoy looking at nice cars and maybe driving them sometimes but I have to look at the big picture.
I do agree with you that life is short and I should get stuff that makes me happy. But being out of debt makes me happy too.
I have to make a decision.

Thanks for writing.


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