Monday, February 15, 2010

We wish you a Merry President's Day

Happy President's Day.

I hope each of you woke up this morning excited to gather with friends and neighbors and sing songs celebrating the achievements of our great leaders. Leaders such as Millard Fillmore, James Polk, William Gates, Sammy Davis, etc. I know my kids love wrapping the Presidential pole and opening their presents. This year, we really went all out and got them the Presidential Press Release Hero game for the PS3. It is a lot like Guitar Hero/Rock Band, but it comes with a teleprompter - in expert mode, you have to "speak extemporaneously while looking like you are speaking off the cuff." They were very excited.

Yep, the sarcasm voices are screaming this morning.

I just flew in from Chicago (and boy are my arms tired). . . .

No, really, I did just get back in from Chicago. I spent a glorious few days in that fair city to attend the bi-annual Joint Council meetings for the Academy of General Dentistry. Now, I know what you are thinking, how can I get that lucky to get a trip to Chicago in February. I mean, come on, who doesn't grow up dreaming of going to Chicago in FEBRUARY.

I'll tell you, it was wall-to-wall honeymooners up there. Or I think they were honeymooners, I really couldn't tell; what with everyone wrapped up from head to toe in woolen burkahs trudging through the slushy streets and giving the 1 finger wave to the taxis trying to run them over. Ahhh, nothing like the twinkle of Michigan Avenue IN FEBRUARY.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy traveling by myself and being away from my family. . .no, I haven't mentioned it. . .What about on Valentine's weekend? Still no, really. . .

Oh, yeah - it's because I hate it. I believe the technical term is called co-dependency, but I hate traveling away from my family. I would be an awful sales rep, and I admire those that do it (not that there's anything wrong with that). However, traveling Valentine's weekend, away from my Valentines was not the best for my psychology. And while we are on that subject, this is my 19th Valentine's Day with Susan - still haven't found a card that says everything I want it to.

OK, all that said, I'm in kind of a mood today.

Now the meeting itself was great. If you are an AGD member, do you realize how many dentist volunteer leaders are working to ensure that the practice of dentistry remains prevention focused and generalist focused. The AGD dentists and staff that meet in Chicago at these meetings are some of my best friends but also some of the finest advocates for dentistry you could ever meet. We MEET. This is not a play-trip with lots of downtime. It is a 7:00 am to 5:00 pm discussion, often being continued over dinner. No fluff, no golf-outings, etc.

There are dozens of issues currently going on around the country that I could talk to you about for hours - but don't worry - I don't want this blog to become the propaganda wing of the AGD, it is about the daily grind of dentistry. But that is what I was doing last week so it is part of my daily grind today.

Last random thought - anyone watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony??

I watched it instead of taking a balmy walk around Chicago IN FEBRUARY.

I teared up (or is it tored up) during the parade of nations when the delegation from the Republic of Georgia entered. What an incredible display of national pride juxtaposed with personal grief. I thought the IOC and the Canadian's did nice job of trying to recognize the tragedy while still going on with the $33 million dollar show (and that's Canadian dollars).

For my money, nothing will ever surpass the China Opening Ceremony in terms of in-your-face pomp and chest-puffery. However, Canada did a nice job. The slam poetry and KD Lange were a little odd (was it just me or did "she" look like Chaz Bono and Truman Capote's love child). All the video technology has me thinking that in a decade or so the opening ceremonies will be entirely virtual; a nationalistic production of Avatar.

No real dental news or issues to report. I'm still working out from under the pile of mail and issues that arose from me not coming into the office for 5 straight days.

I'm going to put the voices back to bed.

Have a great day,


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