Friday, August 7, 2009

Google II

Hey all,

Did you do your homework?
I did.
I tell you it is nerve racking. But so far I have checked out okay.

For the ones reading my blog for the first time. We are talking about how Google seems so great but because of the comfort of no one knowing who you are, people are using the world wide web. They are using it to write nice things about dentists and other people are using it to crucify dentists.
I gave the readers a homework assignment to Google their name.

I occasionally look up other dentists on the internet. I might Google their name to get their phone number and their website. But much to my dismay a bunch of review sites come up.
I look at the reviews. I have is like a bug flying to the blue light that is going to kill them.
Now I won't ramble on anymore, read the comments from one review site and I will comment afterwards.

I don't love going to the Dentist, but I can tolerate this one!!!!
February 07, 2009
There are Dentist and then there are Dentist, but there is only one like Dr. Soandso. In dental work it is necessary to pay attention to details. The more OCD you are, the better the results are. Why would you want it any other way unless it was for convenience or temporary. Her team worked through my TMJ issues and never made me feel "High Maintenance", as I sometimes can be. The best part is that I can't even tell I had a procedure done. It feels totally natural and comfortable. I would recommend anyone and even those with very small mouths.
Pros: You can stay pre occupied by looking out 2nd story big windows to street view.
Cons: You can't be in a hurry.

Not worth it at all.
by KarenSkov
November 08, 2008
I totally agree with the NEGATIVE reviews. Dr. Soandso is an average dentist. She takes forever to do a filling and she is somewhat rude if you have any issue at all. I felt rather "flu-like" one day during a filing and had to reschedule. She became over-bearing and said I just needed to get through it. It is because of the money you shell out. They do not take insurance up front. You have to pay her out of pocket and wait to be reimbursed. Not to mention, Melissa, one of her staff a not professional at all. Watch your husbands if you send him into this office.

for the most complex dental issues, she's the best
by gooddog1
October 12, 2008
I don't usually post on these public sites but after seeing a couple of the recent postings felt that additional input was appropriate. I am not doubting those who felt and posted negatively, just stating that the majority of patients probably feel highly positive as I do. I have been seeing Dr. Soandso for over a dozen years. First started after receiving a referral from a colleague. I have always gone for regular dental exams and treatments and thought that things were well in hand. At the first visit/consultation I learned that I had numerous issues that should be dealt with. The thing that amazed me most was that no dentist or specialist had ever taken the trouble to tell me a comprehensive approach to not just fixing things as they went wrong, but taking a proactive course to create a healthy mouth for a lifetime. Dr. Soandso has provided excellent care and guidance as well as coordinating the work of other specilaists. Yes, she is a perfectionist and the quality results will take longer and cost more than other dentists. If you are the type who feels that losing your natural teeth and eventually filling your mouth with dentures is inevitable, then keep seeing whoever you think is good enough. If you want to preserve your own teeth for a lifetime, Dr Soandso is the best doctor to help you make that a reality.
Cons: not on insurance plan

WARNING! If you are not the perfect patient, do NOT go to this dentist!!
by editdiva
May 12, 2008
I have an overactive gag reflex, which, while I admit has been problematic in the past, has always been workable with every dentist I've been to (I move a lot for work, so I've been to LOTS of dentists all over the country). Dr Soandso started out sweet as can be, but once I started having trouble with my gag reflex during a filling, she was IMPATIENT, ARROGANT and RUDE. She flat out said to me, while in the middle of the procedure "Next time someone works on your mouth, let them know about this problem." I asked, "Are you asking me not to come back?!" To which she responded (with intense eye contact) "Next time SOMEONE works on your mouth let them know about this gag problem." She actually said that FOUR times over the course of the appointment. I couldn't believe it!
After reading rave online reviews of this Dr. Soandso I scheduled an appointment. First one was a check up. Everything was fine (except for the bill, which you must pay for OUT OF POCKET and hope your insurance will reimburse months and months later!). Then I had a cleaning - great hygienist. Then came appointment for the filling. It was an awful, torturous, three-hour event. One time I started to gag because the Dr had grabbed my tongue without warning (hello!). And when I started to gag she huffed and said "She's starting to loose it again!" She took out the ... stuff... (I don't know the terms for the equipment) that was in my mouth and looked at me and asked in a harsh tone, "If I offered you a million dollars to not gag, could you do it?" "No" was my immediate reply. With a disbelieving look, she asked "A MILLION dollars? Really?" I paused to consider... and replied again with a simple "No." She then proceeded to numb my tongue and roof, side and bottom of my mouth with SEVEN shots. And the last thing she said as I left was "Don't forget. Next time someone works on your mouth, let them know about this."
Ick. Just don't go.
Pros: Great dental hygienist - got an excellent cleaning
Cons: Once my gag reflex became a problem, Dr. Soandso became huffy and impatient and asked me not to return!

Average work astronomical prices not nice to staff
by ronjonmon
April 04, 2008
This dentist has a very high opinion of her work which she so states over and over and chrges through the roof for. The work was average and the words she used on her staff when she though no one was listening cannot be repeated. I am surprised is she can retain a staff.
Pros: Good parking
Cons: High prices

Class operation
by DocBLvr
March 13, 2008
If you are wealthy you are welcome here. The prices charged are not justified by the quality of the work or the cleanliness of the office. The office is dreadfully dirty for a medical office with odd smells coming from the carpets. This is not a high class operation. Look hard at the character here and you will want to go elsewhere.
Pros: Good Cosmetic Dentist
Cons: Dirty Office High Prices

Super Dentist does one exist? YES!!!!
by jchet
January 02, 2008
I went to Dr. Soandso for the first time today due to a tooth ache. I had never heard of her, did no research other then to find a dentist near my office. I called and they were able to take me in and work me in between scheduled patients. She was an amazing Dentist and her staff was great. She was very kind and took her time to explain the tooth extraction and made it as painless as possible. I was very impressed with how terrific this experiance was and upon after the fact researching her she is one of the top Dentist in X. I can see why!!!! If your looking for an incredible Dentist and person look no further call and book the appointment.
J. Chet Stephens
Pros: Kind, gentle,efficient,talented!!!!
Cons: Didn't see any.

Absolute Best Dentist in X
September 07, 2006
There's a reason Dr. Soandso is always listed among the "Best Dentists in X" in X Magazine's annual review: she is known by her peers, her colleagues and her patients as an extremely talented, dedicated and caring professional.
I began going to Dr. Soandso about three years ago. I needed some cosmetic dentistry and had read an article about famous "celebrity dentists" and how someone can find a dentist with similar credentials in their area by contacting the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. I did and they gave me Dr. Soandso's name. As it turns out, Dr. Soandso is the only accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in the X area and one of only a few in the State of Florida. (According to the Academy's website, the "accredited" designation is given by the Academy to a dentist who has "extensive advanced training and education in cosmetic dentistry...has successfully passed a rigorous Accreditation Board Examination of their work and cases...and who has demonstrated a very high level of clinical excellence and ability in cosmetic dentistry").
When I first met Dr. Soandso for an initial consultation, she conducted the most meticulous dental exam I've ever had. She then took her exam notes, and my xrays, close-up tooth photos and models and wrote up a detailed treatment plan - her recommendation of the work that needed to be done and the order it in which it should be completed. She presented the plan to me about a week later explaining everything in detail (showing exactly what was needed and why it was needed) and encouraged me to take my time to think about it all - she even encouraged me to go out and get a second or third opinion on her recommendations!
Three years later, I'm thrilled I found Dr. Soandso! I will continue to see her and recommend her to my friends and family. She is very gifted, honest, compassionate, ethical and professional - the absolute best!

Best dentist in X
July 27, 2006
I have been a patient of Dr. Soandso for 6 years now and would not consider going to anyone else. She is at the top of her field in General, Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry. If you are looking for a GREAT dentist...look no further!

Best dentist in X
April 27, 2006
If you have suffered from sloppy dentists, your gums are inflamed, your root canal needs epiectomy, you were told that there is no other way for you to survive but to extract your teeth or get them into snow-white veneers, see Dr. Soandso before you make any decision. She is the one to consult regarding all your dental problems. Highly skilled, detail oriented, artisticly gifted, and impecabbly honest, this doctor will restore your smile to its natural beauty in the least traumatic way.
Pros: Quality, Esthetics, Honesty
Cons: Ins. is not accepted, Expensive

Okay, what did you think?
So I am consumer looking for a dentist and I look this person up.
What did we learn? I get that she is expensive. I get that people really like her but not everyone. And I get that the people that like here really like her and the people that don't, well they really don't.
Would I pick up the phone and call her office? I don't know (I have to admit I might use my search as an adjunct to a personal referral from one of my friends).
This certainly would be enough negativity to make me think about not calling.
This review site might be a very fair representative of what people think of her office. 6 for...3 against.

But all our dirty laundry is aired out online. I mean as every generation gets comfortable using the internet it is going to get worse. I think we have to be ready to swallow this pill. The pill that when someone is displeased with your service they are going to let everyone know about it.
There might be alot of good in the review but if you were anything like me you just hate the negative. Less than 100% positive is like a spear right through the heart.
I have come a long way with this in the past 7 or 8 years. I can handle when someone doesn't come back. I am okay when someone doesn't accept one of my treatment plans.

But it looks like I am going to have to come farther. I know I am not ready yet. Because when I read that first negative thing on the internet about me and my office, my world is going to come crashing down.

Are you ready?
Do you have any stories? Let me know about them.

Have a great weekend,

ps. I am running 18 tomorrow. Wish me luck.

pps. As I write this I am thinking about how to flood the market with good reviews. If you have more reviews that site comes up higher on Google. So what if I gave my patients a $20 voucher if they review my office online?
Any ideas?

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