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Hey all,

Two days until I leave for the AGD Annual Meeting. I am very excited.

I have been enjoying my book The Unlikely Disciple. I didn't think I would but I really like this guys style of story telling. He tells it like it is and he really hasn't made fun of the way Christians live, he just says it.
Granted to a self professed left winged liberal, like that author is, an evangelical Christians life style has got to look weird. Especially to a college student. I just remember how I acted in college and then look at the rules at Liberty. No kissing, no cussing, no going to the opposite sex dorms, no drinking or smoking. I mean that is some weird stuff.
But now that I am sort of there, I can see how it might look.
I mean I try to live somewhat like that and I think it is weird. I have friends that don't have a TV. I mean we didn't have cable for a two year span about 5 years back.
I mean I push the profanity envelope and I watch R-rated movies but I certainly want my kids to walk a much narrower path than I did.
So this guy has plopped himself in the middle of this lifestyle and is seeing some warrant to it. He is finding the people genuine and a lot like him.
I will keep you posted.

Speaking of kids....
I got a comment from Monday's blog about how I view my kids.
Lets go over the unwritten rules of blogging. I try to write things that are true and readable. I think what makes this blog more readable is my translucency. I tell you my true feelings and hopefully you can find comfort in my realness.
Then you can go about your day thinking you are not alone in your quirkiness.
So when you comment YOU can rip on me and be anonymous. It is not fair but it is what it is.
I'm okay with you calling me out on things. In fact I want you to.
Just don't write a comment insinuating that you have all the answers and blasting me for my feelings.

If you didn't tune in on Monday I was telling you how my son was bullying another kid.
And how mortified I was. I was telling you that I have always thought of Luke as the Golden Boy. But lately I have seen some of his gold tarnish.
He is such a good kid but it is really my job to keep him with in a box of acceptability (I forget what Ted Trip calls it). I know he will be more successful in his life if he gets comfortable in this box.
In this box includes, not talking back, doing things with a good attitude, respecting people of authority, working hard, and being disciplined.
I talk about Luke, but all this does apply to my other kids as well.
Sunday, it just so happened that we made it a "no screens" day. That is no TV, computer, Wii or phone. And it was about an hour after church when my kids were like we had taken away food.
(add your own whinny voice) DDAAADDD, I'm soooo board. I said, "Go swimming, call a friend, go do some yard work. Go play outside."
Then it is, "Commmeee on ddadddd. Just let me watch a movie."

At 3:30 I was suppose to meet a couple guys at church because we were preparing to go put on a BBQ for the Coalition for the homeless, woman and children's home. With the help of 40 teenagers, my job was to get a couple of grills and cook about 125 burgers.
We were going to go first and set up. That is get the patties out. Cut the tomatoes, cut the onions, things like that.
I would start cooking at 5:30 and eating would begin at 6.
I dragged Luke to this thing with me.
I have to tell you things like this, for a 10 year old that basically gets everything he wants is a very good thing (and I have to tell you that taking a 40 year old that also gets basically everything he wants is also a good thing).
Luke was able to prep food, he went to the store to buy more food with another volunteer as I prepared the grill and started heating up the coals.
The volunteers arrived and Luke began to play with the teenagers as well as the kids in the home, I think there are about 90 residents and more than half were kids.
I cooked and cooked for about 1 hour straight while the food line began inside. Everything was served, it was a feast. Burgers, beans, chips, pickle slices, mac and cheese, and all the deserts you could ask for (made by the teenagers and their folks).
When I finished cooking and putting things away I went into the dining hall. Luke was occupied with some other kids and their mothers.
I plopped myself down with three of the woman residents. I joked with them and try to have a real blast. I think they appreciated my humor and started to open up to me.
While we were talking Luke came up to my table and stood next to me. I introduced him as my son. One of the ladies said, "Oh, this is your son. He is such a gentleman. He is such a great kid and when people saying thank you to the volunteers he made it a point to look at them in the eyes and say 'thank you' back."
Man was I about to lose it. He later told me that he was about to cry too.

Well we said our goodbyes and packed up the truck.
I have to tell you that the ride home is great father and son time.
He said, "Thank you for taking me dad. I know I didn't want to go at first but I am glad you made me."
We talked about how these women don't have a home and what it means to be homeless. We talked about the kids and what that means to them.
He said, "Dad, do you think we will ever be homeless?"
Did I tell you that this was good father and son time or what?
What do you say?
I told him that we have a home that is modest and we try to save money so that will never happen. I told him that when mom and dad are always talking about money (okay arguing and yelling) there is a purpose.
And if we did have trouble paying for our home that we have a family that could help us.
I told him that God has a plan for us and we need to be able to handle anything he throws at us.
I am still thinking about the impact Sunday had on Luke and me. Powerful.

I am going to stop here because it is getting a little long.
How are you doing with your kids? How are you impacting them?
How are you creating a world view for them?
If you have a story I would like to hear it.
But for now, I think on Sunday that some of Luke's tarnish started to shine a little more, at least until he won't mow the grass.

I hope to talk to you Monday and tell you how great the meeting was.

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Anonymous said...

John I guess there must have been some unpublished comments. Kids are kids and therefore need your guidance. It is much easier to have an aggressive personality and then mello it out with guidance, than it is to have a quite meek personality and teach how to stand up for yourself. Trust me I know. Your problem with your son was really not a big problem in my eyes at all. Just tell him not to do it again and long as he doesn't problem solved. It was funny to think about your jaw dropping when you found out it was you son though. LOL


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