Friday, December 19, 2008

I feel like poop

Well, I have made it through the week, but just barely.
I have run myself ragged this week and now I am paying for it.
I am sick as a dog and want to get to my bed.
Problem with going to bed is I can't get comfortable in my bed either.
I am hot then I am freezing. It totally sucks.
I take Ibuprofen and then Comtrex.
Then I will get home and take some Nyquil.

Sorry but no blog today because I can't even think straight.
I know what you are thinking...that I don't think straight most of the time anyway. Ha ha, not funny.

I hope to write at least one time before the end of the year.
Have great Christmas.
Remember what the real reason for the season is.
Don't get too caught up in shopping and making sure this person is happy and such.
It is really about what God has done for us. And that we are nothing without Him coming as the baby.
Don't forget this when you are late for church or when you family member is 90 minutes late for dinner.
Don't forget this when your kids are unhappy with their gifts or all the other crap that sometimes goes along with the holidays.

Thanks for a great year,

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you feel like poop. I spent 20 minutes in the bathroom after church today cleaning poop off of my kid - it was ALL over her. :) On that note, Merry Christmas!


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