Monday, September 22, 2008


Hey all,

Just to let you know I finished about half of this blog and my computer pooped out. Once you have to reboot you lose it all. use to save your work automatically but I guess they don't do that anymore.
So here I sit writing it all over again.

I had a pretty good weekend. As you know I don't usually work on Mondays but since I have a commitment on Friday I decided to work.
My family and I are traveling to Miami (my kids use to call it Your-ami. Think about it). Friday is my cousin's child's Quince. This is the Cuban version of a Debutante Ball (with pork).
I love this family and she is a fine young woman and I am looking forward to the dance.

Speaking of dancing, I stink at dancing and ALL Cuban can.
I think all Cubans are double jointed in their hips. They dance with their hips.
My wife took dancing lessons until she went to college soooooo, when we are out on the dance floor I look like a bigger gringo than I already am.
My wife, is so awesome, tells me, "you are doing good", when I know I look like I have a rod up my toosh. And I feel like it too.
One caveat, the more I drink the looser my hips get. So will sober stiff as a board John show up?
Or really buzzing hard dancing like a Cuban John show up?
I will let you know.

Saturday. Gators vs. UT
Wow was that a butt whoopin' or what? The Gators are looking very good. The rest of the season is really going to be exciting.
Ole Miss is next (Sorry Bruce).
I just ordered my season Gator Basketball season tickets on Friday. I am hoping the economy has hit hard everyone that sits in the second level of the O-Dome (Gator basketball facility) so I can move down from nose bleed status.

I have run out of time (considering I am doing this for the second time) but I wanted to leave you with three things. These will lead into Wednesday (and Friday's) blogs.
I went to a funeral last night. I met an American man in Mexico. He is a guy of about 55 years old that goes to another local church in Orlando. He had a son, 28 years old, who was born with some kind of congenital problem. Last Tuesday, my friends son had an operation and never came out of it.
Can you imagine losing your son? Can you imagine having to give the orders to "pull the plug" on your own son?

On Friday, I saw a brain damaged kid, who was 14 years of age, at the office. 6 months ago he was a normal healthy 13 year old that went to his friends house to ride All Terrain Vehicles.
He fell off and hit his head.
His poor mother still looked it was the day after the accident. She looked like she had been crying for 6 months.
As a parent I don't know how to handle these kind of things. I don't even know how to prepare for something like this.
Please Lord do not make me go through this.

Last thing....I don't know how to get my arms around the poverty in Mexico.
So for the next few days I am going to think out loud about these kids and they things I saw in Mexico.
How do I live my life knowing there is so much pain going on? How do I live in the richness of America and live in a way the Bible tells me?

Thoughts to ponder.
Talk to you Wednesday.

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Vicki said...

I'm enjoying your musings-- it's been a treat to discover your blog! Give the wife a hug for me. :)


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