Tuesday, July 22, 2008


As promised...Photos.
Here is the pier at low tide.

Here is the pier at high tide, this is the scene of the rescue.

His is what I looked like when I went into the water.
It wasn't 5 seconds after I hit the water that I had all kids on me.
So there was no floating in the water enjoying a cool libation.
Hang, dunk, hang, "throw me dad". It was awesome, just not restful.
This water was at the Dolphin hotel at Disney. This was not the grungy pool at the Colony.
I could of sworn I took some photos of the resort. I took a picture that had an extension cord (the cheap white ones that come from Walgreens) coming from a breaker box. The breaker box was open. Only one more problem, there were three extension cords coming from the first extension cord.
And I didn't get any good photos of the 80's furniture in the room.
I will talk to you tomorrow.
Now if you get this blog as an email, I don't think the pictures show up.
So you are going to have to go to blogger.com
Have a good one,
I will talk to you tomorrow.

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