Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Frank Spears

I don't know if I told you this but I am a huge Frank Spears fan. I have seen him about 10 times.

I think, as a dentist, it doesn't get any better than his work. He makes his lecture so user friendly. When I see his work I think he is a real prefectionist. Now I can relate to this. I want to be like him.
I try to be like him. I spend a lot of time trying to make all my restorations look real. I always thought his stuff stands up to the 12 foot screen test. If you can put your work up on a 12 foot screen and you are happy with it. You pass.

When I listen to him and look at his stuff. I say to myself, "How much would it cost me to be an associate at his office?" Just to soak it all up. See how it is done. It is easy to see it done on the screen but it never is easy going back to the office and doing it.

This is the part I always struggle with, bringing it back home. Because of this I bought the $1000 DVD program that he sells. I wanted to watch it with my assistants and start to do it.

Still not so easy.

We sit down if front of the TV and again it looks do-able. We start to do it and inevitably crap happens that we don't have the answers to.

Nothing is worse when you have bought $5000 worth of stuff at a meeting (because you ARE going to do this) and then take it out of the box and it is like, s#$%*!t, what have I done. So you get this contraption in front of the patient and you are fumbling around with it.

Enough about that. But this is where the topic of this blog came to mind.

I was trying to do everything right. I took the facebow, I mounted the models. I took the CR record. Then the treatment plan was a little iffy. I talked to my dad and we both couldn't agree what the best mode of treatment was.
I thought I will ask Frank. I thought I have spent over $20,000 at his courses, he could spend 5 minutes with me.
I knew I was scheduled to go to a course of his in about two weeks. I will bring all my stuff to the lecture.
The lecture day came and I brought all my stuff, chart, models, bite restration. I felt like the biggest dork bringing in my articulator carrying case. But I was determined to do the best thing possible for this patient.

Here is the deal....I am jumping in a car to go to Gainesville to see the Gators save their season and beat the Tennessee Red Necks (I am sorry if this is insensitive, it was meant to be). I don't want to rush the next part of the story, so I will finish on Friday.

Thanks for your patience,


Anonymous said...

John, those T-boys somehow beat your Gators. Bummer...so now, get back to your story. I can guess where this is going! :-)

Unknown said...

Very interested in Frank Spears, and about to invest 5000 in his FGTP course....do you recommend his courses truly? The guy sounds like a real snob, but still gives a great lecture? Thanks for your input, I now know never to ask him about a case of my own.

gatordmd said...

The guy is amazing. He is a great lecturer. He is a phenomenal dentist and he has the photos (which are also unbelievable).
His hand outs are right on also.
So do I recommend him....YES.
He is probably the premier guy.

And about that case...I think if you do go to Seattle he does give you his time. But you have to pay the $5000 to get his attention.
That is where I had my problem with him.

Hope that helps.


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